PLL Rewind: Pilot (Episode 1.1)

Hefty Hanna Moment Of The Episode:  Spencer goes outside to tell Ali to shut up about how she made out with Ian. They leave Hefty Hanna in the kitchen but she decides to watch them from the other side of the glass door. Hanna is in the background Hanna eating a cookie for the entire scene. It is AMAZING.

Unsolved Mystery Of The Episode:  Spencer receives an e-mail from A and thinks that Alison might be alive.  She goes to her window to look across the street at the DiLaurentis House and sees someone with blonde hair standing in the window. Who is that? Nobody in Maya’s family has blond hair, as far as we know.

Anti-Hefty Hanna Moment Of The Episode:  Ashley and Hanna order take out. Take out salads. SALADS. And then Hanna picked out the croutons. It made us sad.

Tearjerker Of The Episode:  The song playing when Alison’s body is found (“Suggestion” by Orelia Has Orchestra) is the same song that is playing in the season 2 finale when Maya’s body is found.

Hefty Hanna Moment Of The Episode II:  Hanna eating straight from the Ben & Jerry’s bucket while watching the newscast about Alison’s body being found.

Don’t Get Used To This Of The Episode:  Emily looks pretty worried at Alison’s funeral so Hanna passes her a flask an insists that she takes a drink. If Hanna gave Emily a drink every time she looked worried, Emily would have died a long time ago.

Foreshadowing Of The Episode:  Almost everything that Maya says to Emily is a sexual innuendo.

Reading Is Fundamental Of The Episode:  Spencer is sitting on the front porch reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

Who Dat Of The Episode:  Ian, Toby, Mr. Fields, and Mr. & Mrs. Hastings are unrecognizable! Seriously, they are played by different actors in the pilot. Granted, besides Ian, none of these characters have any spoken lines.

Ian (top left), Toby (top right), Mr. Fields (bottom left), Mr. & Mrs. Hastings (bottom right)

Quote Of The Episode:  "Hoooly Crap." - Mr. Fitz, in front of the entire class when he realizes that Aria is his student.

A Texts Of The Episode:

Receiver:  Aria

Format:  Text

Context:  Aria made out with Mr. Fitz in the bathroom and he just realized that she is his student.  One year prior, Byron had an affair with his student, Meridith.

Message :  Maybe he fools around with students all of the time. A lot of teachers do. Just ask your dad. – A


Receiver:  Emily

Format:  Written note left in her locker

Context:  Emily walked Maya home and they quickly kissed goodbye.  And then it was awkward.  The message also insinuates that Emily and Alison used to kiss each other.

Message:  Hey Em! I’ve been replaced! You’ve found another friend to kiss! – A


Receiver:  Spencer  

Format:  E-mail       

Context:  Spencer and her sister’s fiancé, Wren, have been flirting it up. Also, Spencer once made out with another of Melissa’s boyfriends, Ian.

Message:  Poor Spencer. Always wants Melissa’s boyfriends. But remember, if you kiss I tell. – A


Receiver:  Hanna

Format:  Text

Context:  Hanna is waiting for her mom to finish “talking” to Detective Wilden about her shoplifting charge. She’s pretty stressed out and is reaching for the bowl of skittles.

Message:  Be careful, Hanna. I hear prison food makes you fat. – A


Receiver:  Aria

Format:  Text

Context:  Aria just made out with Mr. Fitz at the church before Alison’s funeral.

Message:  Unknown. Aria doesn’t read it out loud but she’s sitting next to the other PLLs when it happens so this is how they find out that they’ve all been getting messages from A. It probably is a snarky remark about making out at a funeral.


Receiver:  All four PLLs

Format:  Text, read in unison (YAY!)

Context:  Outside of the church after Alison’s funeral

Circle up girls! We keep hoping that instead of just reading these in unison, the PLLs will add in some harmonies.

Message:  I’m still here bitches. And I know everything. – A