PLL Rewind: Moments Later (Episode 1.11)

Mean Mama Marin Moment Of The Episode:  “After I kill him I will sue him.” – Mama Marin, on whoever hit Hanna with a car. We love how protective she is of her daughter!

Mean Girls Moment Of The Episode:  The girls are all visiting Hanna in the hospital for the first time and desperately want to talk about what Hanna saw the night before at Camp Mona. The only problem is that Mama Marin is still hanging around. When Hanna politely asks her mom to leave the room we could see it on her face:

Mrs. George and Mrs. Marin are the cool moms.

Good Question Of The Episode:  “That won’t keep you from wearing heels, will it?” – Mona, on Hanna’s broken leg and cast


Prince Charming Moment Of The Episode:  Lucas sneaks into the hospital at night and kisses Hanna on the forehead while she’s “sleeping.” Awwww!

Heart = melting

Ominous Resurgence Of The Episode:  Ali comes to visit Hanna in the hospital.

Hanna tries to ask her what happened the night she disappeared but Ali insists that they already know:

                “You already do. The four of you combined.”

Which PLL knows more about that night than they’re letting on? Our money is on either Spencer, who went off looking for Ali that night, or Aria, who much of the fandom expects to be on the A Team.

Fail Of The Episode:  “You totally messed me up and I feel miserable sometimes but you don’t make me unhappy.” – Aria, to Mr. Fitz



  1. (of a person) Wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable.
  2. (of a situation or environment) Causing someone to feel wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable: “horribly wet and miserable conditions”.

Aria, those words mean the same thing. Mr. Fitz should dump her and give her an F in his English class.

Hefty Hanna Moment/Prince Charming Reprise Of The Episode:  LUCAS BRINGS HANNA ALL THE PUDDING CUPS!!!!

Confessions Of The Episode:  Emily and Aria are all about spilling the beans this episode. Aria confesses that she’s been seeing Mr. Fitz. The cat’s out of the bag! You know what we’re talking about. That gross cat that nobody wants to see. Anyways, this is what Aria looks like when she confesses:

Seriously, she made this face about 5 times during this scene.

This is what Emily looks like when she tells her dad that she’s gay:

It appears that eye contact should be avoided when you’re about to drop a truth bomb on people. Take notes people.

I Speak For The Trees Of The Episode:  In the previous episode, the PLLs found a tree with a heart and Ali + Ian carved into it. They go back to it in this episode only to find that THE WHOLE TREE IS FREAKING GONE. At the end of the episode we see A burning its logs in a fireplace. Geez, A, a little extreme, don’t you think?

Inventors Of Lesbianism Of The Episode:  "This isn’t something she came up with on her own." - Pam Fields. AS THOUGH MAYA AND EMILY INVENTED LESBIANISM.

Commentary Of The Episode: 

Pam Fields:  What is she [Emily] afraid of?

Joanna:  Penises

Reading Is Fundamental Of The Episode:  We pride ourselves on being able to find a literary moment in each episode but we simply didn’t find one in Moments Later. It made us so sad. Did we miss something? The only thing we could find was a poster of Shakespeare in the background. Luckily we found a screenshot of Will along with some witty text about how ridiculous everyone thinks Aria is.

A Text Of The Episode:

Receiver:  Hanna

Format:  A note on Hanna’s cast

Context:  A ran over Hanna with a car and now Hanna’s leg is broken.